Atheism Plus to Skepticon Travel Grants

A place for A+ people to request a travel grant for Skepticon 6.

A note regarding who is eligible:

If you’re looking at this as someone who wants to go to Skepticon and can’t, but think you can’t submit an application because you’re not a member/not active on the forum, facebook or reddit; Don’t worry. I’ll accept anyone who follows the values of Atheism+ for these grants. So if you don’t like forums and you don’t do facebook and think Reddit is the devil, but you’re also an Atheist who is pro-intersectional feminism and anti-homophobia/transphobia/racism/ableism/the whole shebang, you’re more than welcome to submit a request. 

So you’re an A+, but you can’t afford to go to Skepticon

I HAVE YOU COVERED. Hopefully. I made a thing. It’s an indiegogo thing. Right here:

Now we’ve got the “money to actually send people” part down… we just need the people to send! That is where you come in! Assuming you want to go to Skepticon but can’t afford it. If you want a travel grant, all I want from you is a little information, in the style of a little form you can fill out and submit:

Who you are: You don’t have to give me your meatspace name, but if you have a facebook/reddit/Atheism+ forums account  that you use to get up to A-plussy goodness, that’s all good to include. Or you can just describe yourself more anonymously (though, if we end up picking you, and I hope we can pick everyone, we will need actual meat-spacey details)

What A+ is to you: Just describe what A+ means to you, what it’s done for you, etc. This isn’t some kind of comparative essay- I just want to know that you’re a real A+er who gets what we stand for. I won’t be picking who writes the most heart-wrenching essay on how A+ is the greatest thing they’ve ever experienced or anything (though that would be cool to read).

How much you would need for a grant: An estimate is fine, because of course rates can change, but a number of approximately how much attending Skepticon would cost you will help me figure out if I can fulfill your grant. Include any kind of expense that makes the difference between going to Skepticon and not going- which obviously includes flights and hotel rooms, but also things like if you need funds for getting  fit-to-fly forms filled out by doctors, or to get babysitters for kids, rent a car… even if you just need to board your pets. A break down of what portion of the expenses go where  (like x amount for a flight and y for hotel) would be appreciated as well, though not entirely mandatory at this stage.

Your email: This is just because I need to contact you if you get a grant.

That’s it! I really don’t want this to be some kind of competition where everyone tries to give the best “why I should get to go” speech, because I think everyone should get to go regardless of how well they can convey it. In the end, if I can’t pick everyone, I will number everyone up and use a random number generator.

I will be posting these submissions on this blog, just to keep it from being boring and in the name of transparency. Don’t worry though- I’ll keep your emails off of the posts and if you wish, I’ll remove the “who you are” information and the amount of money you need as well.

So get to submitting! I want EVERYONE FOREVER to go to Skepticon.